Who may be missing OLO Emails ?

The ability to contact the majority of Old Lewesians by email makes running the OLO much more straightforward. It's a little harder to keep up with the postal members but Barrie tries to ring them all just before we send out a postal newsletter about a forthcoming reunion meeting and I make sure that every postal newsletter has a clear return address.

In theory, all members with email addresses will receive their newsletters by email and can please themselves whether or not they respond to them. However, there are many email providers who (correctly) detect that our Newsletters etc have been computer-generated and hence (incorrectly !) assume that they must therefore be spam. If the newsletters are delivered anyway but with the title amended with a warning that the email might be spam then no great harm has been done although it's a growing trend that providers will shunt such messages off into an online folder that cannot easily be accessed rather than delivering them. When that happens, no warning message will be given and unless the (non-)recipient visits the email provider's own website regularly they will never realise that the problem exists. It is not therefore possible to be certain whether or not an OLO member is still receiving our newsletters.

This doesn't just affect OLO messages - many other organisations suffer similar problems. The only real answer is for everyone to visit their email provider's website on a regular basis and see what important messages might have been hidden thus. I regularly find that my provider appears to have taken a dislike to some of the messages I expect to see from email forum groups; other people have reported finding important messages from their banks or even employers that have been put there.

From this, it follows that simply keeping the OLO advised of your current email address isn't quite enough to ensure that you will receive OLO newsletters (although it is of course important that you do that). Everybody really ought to try and visit their email provider's website regularly and see what messages have been accumulating there. When you find one, there is usually a facility to highlight it and press a button marked "Not Spam" which should move the particular message back to your Inbox and ought also to ensure that future messages from the same sender are not similarly tagged.

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